Cisco UC500 Cisco UC500

Cisco UC500

The UC500 is a similarly featured but cut down version of the CME. It provides voice and data communications, voicemail, automated attendant, video (monitorview), security, and wireless capabilities while integrating with existing desktop applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management programs. This easy-to-use solution supports up to 104 users and provides flexible deployment options based on your needs, supporting a wide array of IP phones including the SPA500 range, public switched telephone network (PSTN) interfaces, and Internet connectivity.

The SBCS can be configured with different devices based on your needs, including the Cisco Unified Communications 560 (UC 560), Cisco IP phones, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, wireless access points, approved third-party applications, and the Cisco Configuration Assistant for management. The system is aimed at the small to medium sized business supporting 8 to 104 users, 4 to 12 analogue trunks or 2 to 6 Basic Rate Interface (BRI) digital trunks or up to 60 E1 channels.

Unified Messaging
Cisco Unified Communications 500 voicemail subscribers can access and manage their voice and fax messages using an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)-enabled email client such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Integrated messaging brings voice, fax, and email together at the email client.

Message Notication
When you have a new message in your mailbox, the system activates the message-waiting indicator (MWI) and can call you to let you know you have a new message. The system either calls three different phone numbers, activates a numeric or display pager, or sends text to an email account. Phone notification includes cascading, where after a defined number of minutes of trying one phone number, a second phone can be called. When you answer a notification call, you will hear prompts and you must enter your PIN to hear your messages.

Meet-Me Conferencing
Reduce expenses by eliminating the need for external services. Parties can easily establish a teleconference for up to 32 parties on a single conference.

Phone Connect
With this free application with Cisco Unified Communications 500, an XML application shows Cisco WebEx meetings you are either hosting or being invited to. In addition, a notification on the phone reminds you of upcoming Cisco WebEx meetings; a softkey call button auto dials you in to the meeting.

Live Record
The live-record feature enables IP phone users in a Cisco Unified Communications 500 system to record a phone conversation with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 voicemail system. Callers will hear a brief pause and optional tone at the start of call recording.

TimeCardView allows you to enter and manage time-card data from three different user profiles. The Employee View allows you to enter, review, and send time-card hours through a Cisco Unified IP Phone. With Supervisor View, you can monitor, review, and approve time cards through a Cisco Unified IP Phone or a web-based interface. The Specialist View allows administrators to use a web-based interface to import and export data, customize reports, and perform other administrative tasks. An optional QuickBooks integration allows them to move data efficiently between applications.

Single Number Reach
The Single Number Reach (SNR) feature allows users to answer incoming calls to their extension on either their desktop IP phone or at a remote destination, such as a mobile phone. Users can pick up active calls on the desktop phone or the remote phone without losing the connection. This enables callers to dial a single number to reach the phone user. Calls that are not answered can be forwarded to voice mail.

Voice View Express
The VoiceView Express feature allows voice-mail subscribers to browse, listen, send messages, and manage their voice mail messages from their Cisco IP phone display and soft keys. This feature is an alternative to the standard telephone user interface (TUI) for performing common tasks.

Contact Center X
CCX is an extra add on to the UC500 which is a server based Contact Center. CCX includes enhanced call processing, device and call monitoring, unattended call transfers to multiple call-center agents and basic extension mobility, and IP IVR applications.

Cisco UC500 Cisco UC500