Avaya 9620 Avaya 9620

Avaya 9600 Series

The 9600 series is a line of powerful desk phones which offers brilliant audio quality, customizability and performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces that deliver increased call-control and call-management capabilities, while simplifying the traditional telephone experience.

The 9600 series phones support gigabyte connectivity and direct connectivity to Bluetooth capable headsets. Most of the 9600 Series phones are considered a PoE Class 2 devices however the 9620L is a PoE Class 1 device and excludes certain hardware features such as the USB port and interface for Bluetooth and Gigabit adapters. PoE class 1 means it uses less power to drive the phone. The 9600 series also comes with a contacts application and Call Log (Missed, Incoming, Outgoing) An embedded speech recognition engine within the Avaya 9600 Series desk phones allows for dialling of contacts by simply speaking the person’s name. This series also features a mobile phone style menu with access to most often used features like Call Forwarding, Park, Settings etc. On screen status indication for activated features like call forwarding

  • 7-line 3.45 inch backlight graphical display with 320*160 pixels. 9620L: greyscale; 9620C: colour
  • Supports 12 line appearance /feature keys
  • Embedded WML Browser
  • Best suited for the everyday user
9630 / 9640 FEATURES
  • 9630: 3.8 inch QVGA backlit display; 9640; high resolution colour display
  • Built in Gigabit Ethernet on the 9630G and 9640G
  • Supports up to 24 call appearances administered feature keys with six concurrent line appearances visible at any time
  • The 9630 Supports 1 24-button expansion module where as the 9640 supports 3.
  • 9-line 3.8 inch backlight graphical display with 320*240 pixels. 9650: greyscale; 9650C: colour
  • 3 self-labelled Appearance/Feature buttons with LED for access to 24 administered Appearances/Features at the side of the display.
  • 8 Additional self-labelled Appearance/Feature buttons with LED with direct access to 2*8 Appearances/Features
  • Can add 3 x SBM 32-button expansion modules
Avaya 9600 Series, 9630 Phone Avaya 9630
Avaya 9600 Series, 9640 Phone Avaya 9640
Avaya 9600 Series, 9650 Phone Avaya 9650